Innokin MVP5 Mod Box


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Innokin MVP5 Mod Box– ‘Go Farther’

Go Farther with the Fifth Generation of the Legendary MVP Vaporizer.

More than a 120Watt Vaporizer, the MVP5 is a valuable survival tool or the outdoors and emergencies; the MVP5 is a Vaporizer, Flashlight, Power-Bank, Sensor Tool and more!


The MVP5 120Watt features 3 Wattage Modes (Normal, Boost and Soft), Temperature Control, TCR, 4 Memory Slot programmable curve and optimized ‘Easy Select’ wattage pre-sets for Ajax (DTL) and Z-Coils (Zenith/Zlide)(MTL).

For amazing DTL vaping, attach the Ajax tank, choose Wattage and then Ajax and the MVP5 will automatically set the wattage and range to prevent accidental coil damage.


For the best in MTL Vaping simply attach a Z-Coil Tank (Zenith or Zlide not included) and select Z-Coil and the optimal range for all Z-Coils will be set automatically.  The MVP5 in MTL has power that lasts all week.


The MVP5 features improved Smart Charging! When charging the 5200mAh Internal Battery with USB-C 2Amp Quick Charge the time left until 90% charge is displayed. The Amp charge In is shown on screen so you know if there is a problem with the power source or cable.


The Power-Bank function of the MVP5 is a life-safer! Plug the micro-USB cable into the base to charge your phone and the operating screen shows Amp out, total mAh charged and the amount of charge time remaining.


The MVP5 Flashlight is an essential tool for survival in the outdoors or emergencies.  Push the Flashlight button to instantly activate the‘far-beam’ LED Flashlight. Featuring 6 modes (Max, Mid, Min, SOS, Beacon, Strobe) the Flashlight can be operated with one hand and remembers the last mode used. In an emergency, you need to know how much ‘light-time’ you have left. The MVP5 flashlight operation screen displays how much ‘light time’ remains on the current mode.

When you need to know more about where you are, the MVP5 has and a Sensor suite with a Compass, Thermometer, Barometer, and Altimeter.

The MVP5’s intuitive and full featured User Interface gives quick and easy access to all functions and settings including Time and Date, Custom Pass-code, Daily Puff Count and Operation Screen Color.  

Built tough and designed for life. Go Farther with the Innokin MVP5!


  • 5th generation of the legendary MVP (Most Valuable Player)
  • 120W with temperature control
  • 5200mAh USB output power bank function
  • Big flavor with Ajax and Plex3D matrix coils
  • Flashlight function and a sensor suite with a compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter.

Large 1.14’ vivid color screen with easy-to-use UI

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