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IQOS Mesh Pod Vape Kit | IQOS UK

A Leading Brand In Pod Device Vaping

A brand new style of vaping to the UK market that’s sure to impress. It comes in the pod style stealth vapes. ‘Whats a stealth vape?’ you ask, Well simply put it’s a small and discreet style of kit that focuses primarily on flavour over vapour production, although the IQOS Mesh does produce a pretty decent hit.

Rather than replacement coils the IQOS Mesh features a plastic pod instead of a tank that has coils pre-installed, so rather than messy coil changing you can just throw it away and stick a new one on. These pod’s are non refillable and work as one use cartridges. Once your pod runs out simply throw it away and crack open a new one. This ensures you’ll never get that horrid burnt coil taste, alongside never having to deal with messy coil changes or refills. While boasting a completely leak proof device & pod.

The IQOS Mesh Device is only compatible with IQOS VEEV Pods.

The IQOS Mesh device can last you roughly a whole day on a single charge, of course this will vary slighting depending on useage. But considering this device will charge to full in 90 minutes using a micro-USB you’ll be sure to never go without your IQOS Mesh device.

Other features include the mesh coil, hence the name, which promises you no burning taste for as long as theres liquid in your pods. The IQOS Mesh device also has no firing buttons for ease of use, simply take a puff and it’ll start itself up and the ease of changing flavour pods wherever you are on the go.


  • Metallic Grey

This Kit Contains:

  • 1 x IQOS Mesh Device
  • 1 x IQOS USB Cable
  • 1 x IQOS Wall Adaptor

Veev 11mg Pod Flavours

Passion Fruit Zest

Cool Peppermint

Tobacco Harmony

Red Berry Fusion

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Metallic Grey

Pack VEEV Pods (2pcs)

No thanks, 11mg Passion Fruit Zest, 11mg Cool PepperMint, 11mg Tobacco Harmony, 11mg Red Berry Fusion