Relx Infinity 2 and Relx Essential


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Relx Infinity 2 and Relx Essential

The RELX Infinity Device 2 device has now been upgraded from the Infinity 1 version. The new Relx Infinity 2 device  brings much infinity to you! The battery has been upgraded to a built in battery with 440mah capacity.

You can now adjust the power delivery with the Relx Infinity 2 with a click of button. 1 simple click can change the power mode to

  • Boost Mode 8W (Purple Light) – this mode offers an instant satisfaction with a richer taste paired with 15% bigger clouds than the smooth mode
  • Smooth Mode 6.5W (Blue Light)- This mode offers a super smooth and a familiar setting offered in the previous model.
  • Eco Mode 5.5W (Green Light) – Want to preserve the battery for longer? Then this mode will suit you and offer lights puffs and will deliver 65% more puffs than other modes.

The NEW Relx Infinity 2 now has the new USB C charger which offers a fast charge. You can charge the battery up to 80% in 15 mins, that is a 130% increase in charge time compared to the previous model. You can get a full charge in less than 30 minutes.

You can now get to see the battery level indicator from the LED Display on the new Relx 2 infinity device.

The New Relx infinity device is compatible with both the Pro (ceramic pods) and the Relx Pod (Cotton pods) atomisers

Relx infinity 2 specifications

Battery capacity: 440mah

Charges in: 27 minutes

Puffs: 400-600 puffs (65% more in eco mode)

Activation: Draw Activated

Output: 15A Max

Charger Type: USB Type C


Leak-resistance maze

Fast Charge

Dual-charging system

Smart Pace vibrate alert

Mainstream UBS C charge port

Rounded edges with aluminum body

LED battery indicator

Button to adjust power mode

Relx Infinity 2 Contents

1× RELX Infinity 2 Device

1× User Manual

1× Charging Cable

***An Unboxed option is available for a lower price***

Essential Battery Intro

Glad to introduce the RELX Essential Battery Device 350mAh with the unique striped design. The RELX Essential Battery Device is powered by built-in 350mAh battery. And charging the battery in 40 minutes by the Type-C port, the RELX Essential device can supports about 500 puffs of vape. The RELX Essential device is compatible with RELX Infinity Pro Pods. Please take the RELX Essential Battery Device and enjoy the great vaping.


Battery capacity: 350mAh

Charges in: 40 minutes

Puffs: ≈500

Smartpace feature: No

Activation: Draw Activated

Charger Type: USB Type C

Leak resistant: Yes

Compact size and thin body

Type-C charge port

Leak resistant without mess

Unique striped design

Essential Device Contents

1× RELX Essential Device (Colour Choice- Red, Blue and Neon Purple)

1× User Manual

1× Charging Cable.

***An Unboxed option is available for a lower price***

Additional information


Infinity or Essential Battery

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