RELX Pro and Relx Cotton Pods


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RELX Pro and Relx Cotton Pods

There are two different versions:

RELX Pods (Cotton Pods) are compatible with a wide variety of e-liquid formulas, for some particular flavours, they’re able to deliver a more authentic taste.

RELX Pod Pro are equipped with RELX Super Smooth™ Technology, providing an unequaled SuperSmooth Experience.

Say hello to the RELX Essential Infinity Pro Pre-filled Pods with 2 pieces each pack.

The RELX Essential Infinity Pro Pre-filled Pods comes with 1.9ml pre-filled juice with various flavors for your selection.

The RELX Essential Infinity Pro Pre-filled Pods has 18mg/ml nicotine Strength. With the simple operation and high-quality organic nicotine.

The RELX Essential Infinity Pro Pre-filled Pods will be the best choice for your RELX Essential / Infinity Battery.


The Essential Battery has a 350mah battery and the infinity has 380mah battery 

Just Choose Your Favourite Flavour!

Dark Sparkle: Cola

Fresh Red: Watermelon Ice Cotton Pod

Ludou Ice: Green Bean Ice

Tangy Purple: Grape

Raspy Ruby: Raspberry

Fresh Red: Watermelon Ice Pro Pod

Forest Gems: Mix Berry

Golden Slice: Mango

Classic Tobacco 

Hawaiian Sunshine: Pineapple

Rich Tobacco: Cuba Tobacco

New** Garden Hearts : Strawberry

NEW ** Blue Gems

New** Zesty Menthol – Lemon Mint

NEW**Sunny Sparkle

NEW** Orchard Rounds

NEW** Black Twist- Cranberry sticks

NEW*** Oolong Ice Tea

NEW** Hibiscus Ice Tea

NEW** Icy Coconut Water

NEW** Banana Freeze

Relx PRO Ceramic Flavours

  • Classic Tobacco Pro Pod – A rich and earthy tobacco with a subtle sweetness.
  • Dark Sparkle Pro Pod – A refreshing cola on ice.
  • Fresh Red Pro Pod – Juicy watermelon and menthol.
  • Ludou Ice Pro Pod – Green bean on ice.
  • Raspy Ruby Pro Pod – Sweet yet sharp raspberry with menthol.
  • Sunny Sparkle Pro Pod – Zesty and cool orange soda.
  • Tangy Purple Pro Pod – Fresh grape surrounded by cooling menthol.
  • Orchard Rounds Pro Pod  (Fresh Peach)  -each features fresh flavors of sweet and ripe peaches
  • Menthol Plus Pro Pod – A refreshingly cool menthol
  • Fresh Red Watermelon Ice Pro Pod :  Juicy watermelon with and Icy Flavour- NEW Package | Watermelon Ice
  • Green Melon Pro Pod : Honeydew.:Also known as the green melon, the honeydew is known for being a less-sweet cousin of the cantaloupe
  • Jasmine Longing Tea Pro Pod : Jasmine Longjing tea has a pleasant floral fragrance, sweet and refreshing
  • NEW*** Taro Scoop Pro Pod : A dessert flavour infused with Taro ice cream and a mix of a sweet, cool, nutty and creamy notes (Taro ice cream | Nutty | Cool Menthol)
  • NEW*** Green Grape Pro Pod : A sweet fruity flavour of fresh grapes with a undertone of frosty ice
  • NEW***Lychee Ice Pro Pod : A frosty and tropical fruit blend paired with a hint of iced lychee
  • NEW*** Precious Plum Pro Pod : a beautiful combination of sweet plums with a subtle touch of tanginess and offers a super smooth flavour with a cooling effect.
  • NEW*** Lemon Ice Tea Pro Pod : Refresh your taste buds with a Tangy Lemon Zest combined with a cool soothing zesty tea
  • NEW*** Lime Ice Pro Pod : A refreshing citrus taste with a hint of sweetness with a cool icy finish (similar to a Mojito)
  • NEW*** Oolong Ice Tea Pro Pod : offers a refreshing and floral experience with a cool sensation. A unique blend that offers a balance of sweet and tangy flavours. A great alternative to tobacco or fruit vapes.
  • NEW** Hibiscus Ice Tea Pro Pod : A blend of floral elegance of hibiscus with the crisp coolness of ice tea.
  • NEW** Icy Coconut Water Pro Pod: offers a refreshing and unique coconut water flavour. The combination of icy and coconut creates a cool and smooth vaping experience, perfect for those who enjoy tropical flavours with a hint of freshness.
  • NEW** Banana Freeze Pro Pod: This flavour offers a creamy, sweet banana flavour with minimal iciness. It resembles a frozen banana treat, offering a rich sweetness that’s hard to resist.

Relx Cotton Pods

  • Forest Gems Cotton Pods – A delightful mixed berry.
  • Crisp Red Cotton Pods   (Juicy Apple Cotton Pods ) – A Fruit Flavours of Fresh Apples
  • Garden Hearts Cotton Pods (Strawberry Burst)– A fresh taste of hand picked strawberries
  • Fresh Red Cotton Pods  – Juicy watermelon cotton pods
  • Golden Slice  Cotton Pods-Tropical mango.
  • Hawaiian Sunshine  Pineapple Cotton Pods–  Ripe pineapple.
  • Tangy Purple Cotton Pods : Fresh grape surrounded by cooling menthol.
  • Raspy Ruby Cotton Pods– Sweet yet sharp raspberry with menthol.
  • Rich Tobacco Cotton Pods – Rich and earthy tobacco.
  • Blue Gems Cotton Pods| Blueberry Soda : Not your typical blueberry flavour! RELX Infinity Pod Pro Blue Gems Blueberry Soda features juicy and ripe flavours of sweet blueberries jam packed with a fizzy soda taste topped off with a slight exhale of mint.
  • Zesty Menthol Cotton Pods (Lemon Mint): Beat the heat! Feel refreshed with RELX Infinity Pod Pro Zesty Menthol Lemon Lime with its citrus blast of lemon and lime flavors blended together with a slight exhale sensation of menthol
  • Black Twist Cotton Pods| Cranberry sticks Cotton Pods – The black twist is back and has now been renamed to cranberry sticks. This flavour features a flavour of cranberries with liquorice
  • Double Peppermint Cotton Pods : A double dose of peppermint flavour
  • Ruby Zest Cotton Pods Cherry Lime : A mix of cherries with a hint of lime for a zesty flavour
  • Menthol Xtra *NEW : This flavour features strong flavours of mint completed with a slightly sweet aroma that is sure to add that arctic refreshing cooling effect to each puff
  • Peppermint *NEW : A cooling and refreshing mint flavour.
  • Classic Tobacco Cotton Pods- the original classic tobacco flavour which offers a great taste

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